Don’t feel like swimming these days

I’m not allowed to bike outdoors, and I don’t feel like swimming. I had planned on going to masters swim at noon today but just felt plain lazy. Instead, the Parsus family went to lunch at the conveyor-belt sushi place (aka Teharu) and I ate like a champ. My favs are the Shaggy Dog and the Nipple Roll (see picture if you must know about the name). The sushi at Teharu is excellent and very inexpensive. It is on a conveyor-belt so it comes fast. That’s my kind of place!!

After coming home, I got on my bike trainer for 45 minutes for an easy 12 miles. It was warm and I sweated like a pig, but it felt good.

I continue to feel great with no aches or pains. I hope it continues! My next doc appointment is not until June 10.

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