Rejoin Lifetime Fitness and swim in freezing cold water

After a hiatus of a few months, I rejoined Lifetime Fitness again. In spite of all its issues and my past criticisms, it does have pretty decent facilities and I have made a bunch of friends there. I’m sure that eventually I will be quite annoyed with it for some reason and quit, but for now I am a member again. I know…I am admittedly high maintenance when it comes to gyms.

I finally swam today. The outdoor pool at Lifetime Fitness was jam packed. I swam indoors where the water was freezing cold. It took my breath away when I jumped in and my entire swim felt heavy and labored. I just never got comfortable breathing. It was probably because the water was too cold, the water was not salty (and therefore not quite as buoyant) and I my lungs are still recovering. I only swam 1500 meters today.

I’ll stick to swimming at JCC for now unless I can swim outdoors at Lifetime.

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