Growing grapes in Arizona

A few years ago, we planted some grape vines in our courtyard. We hardly have a green thumb and didn’t expect them to live long. After all, most plants can’t survive the hot Arizona summers. Somehow, these grape vines are not only surviving, they are thriving. This year, they are giving us a bumper crop of delicious grapes. I could embellish the truth and tell you that they are some fancy French or Spanish varietals, but the truth is that I have no idea what kind they are. They are small, seedless, red and juicy. On the 2 grape vines growing in our courtyard, we have more than 50 bunches of grapes. Some are ripe for harvest and some are getting there. A Gila Woodpecker regularly visits to feed on them; and the ones that fall on the ground are consumed by my pups!

As for my workout today, I got on my  bike trainer for about 40 minutes. With no races on the horizon, it is hard to keep my motivation up. With the heat picking up (it is already approaching 110), race activity in Arizona is pretty scarce, but I will find a 5k as soon as the doctors give me permission.

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