Arizona scorpion

I finally was really satisfied with a short and easy yet brisk treadmill run at Lifetime Fitness. It just felt good. My breathing, my stride, my form, everything felt good. I didn’t push hard. I was gingerly pacing along, yet my speed was pretty decent. It wasn’t as good as it was back in February, but I am not complaining about today’s smooth run. I ran all of 4.25 miles in 35 minutes at an average speed of slightly faster than 8:20 per mile.

This year, we haven’t seen as many scorpions as we see every year. But we saw a nice translucent specimen tonight. We don’t have too many mosquitoes, but we are used to seeing snakes and scorpions living here in Arizona. We always say that if you see them, they are harmless; it’s the ones that you don’t see that you should be scared of.

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