Yes, I am jealous

At Lifetime Fitness, I ran into a few folks I know. During my swimming set, Jennifer showed up and we talked for a bit. She is training for Ironman Austria (June 29, 2014). In the lane next to me was a girl swimming with a smooth, effortless stroke. Even her flip turns were a treat to see. She was fast. After some casual conversation (I didn’t catch her name), I found out that she was training for Ironman Arizona (November 16, 2014). It made me jealous – two people training for an Ironman. I was training for nothing (not even a 5k).

I cannot wait for my medical issues to go away so I can start training for my next Ironman. Which one will it be? Malaysia? Taiwan? Denmark? South Africa? Brasil? I can’t wait! Of course, plenty of my family and good friends are telling me not to do another Ironman. Obviously they don’t get it!!

My swim today was better than last time but still slow and a bit labored. My breathing is not quite back to normal but it’s getting there! I ended up doing more than 2,000 meters.

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