Continued recovery

My heart-rate when I run is revving a bit higher than normal, but my perceived effort is starting to stabilize. I can run longer and smoother than I have been able to in the past 2 months. My breathing is more even when I run (although it still needs help when I swim). My left calf looks just a bit larger than my right one but the pain and soreness from my left leg has all but disappeared. There may still be a clot or two left in my left leg but I can’t feel it.

I ran at Lifetime Fitness for an hour for 7.28 miles. That is not quite my marathon pace when I quailified for Boston but for the first 10 and last 10 minutes, I was going at a pretty easy pace. You can see that my heart-rate was mostly around 150 (although my perceived effort seemed lower). Overall, I continue to recover and get stronger.

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