Hummingbird babies

Where we live in Arizona, it is dry and hot. The desert can be harsh on the critters that live around here, but it also has some beautiful surprises. While the bird-life in Arizona is not like it is in the tropics, it does offer up some real gems. We have created a bird-friendly environment in our courtyard with some lush greenery and hummingbird feeders. Twice in the past few years, we have noticed a tiny hummingbird nest. The one this year is literally hanging off the ceiling in the covered patio portion of the courtyard. We have a climbing fig spreading its vines on the ceiling creating perfect little hanging branches for this nest. You can see in the picture the hummingbird babies in the nest. They look rather big now; my guess is that they will fly away soon.

I have decided to rest once a week now. Ideally, I would like to do 2 swim, 2 run and 2 bike sessions but I will change it up when I feel like it. These days, my swims are laborious because my breathing is not completely back yet. Hence, I will probably swim less for the next few weeks.

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