FIFA World Cup 2014 starts in 2 days

The Football World Cup starts in a couple of days in Brasil. Most analysts are favoring Brasil to win, but I pick a European team may take the trophy (Netherlands or Spain). Of course don’t count Argentina out either.

I barely had any motivation today but ended up going for a mile-long swim at Lifetime Fitness. I saw Colleen and Shelly after a long time. My swims are slow these days; I am sure I have lost some of my upper-body strength and my breathing (while improving) is still off.

I have no upcoming races on the horizon. Once the IVC filter is out of my body, and the docs give me permission, I will try and run a 5k this summer. Ideally, I would like to start training for the 2015 Boston Marathon sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. First though, I have to make sure that I get in to run the Boston Marathon. Just because I have qualified doesn’t mean that I am in. They have some convoluted rules for getting in; and the rules change every year (based on how many people qualify and how many people apply to run in each age group).

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