Shakira and Pitbull sing the World Cup 2014 anthem

The World Cup started today. As expected, Brasil beat Croatia 3-1. It is an exciting time for most sports fans unless of course you are one of those who think that football is a sport that you play with a ball that is not round and you barely use your foot to advance the ball. If you are one of those American Football fans, I have no idea why you are reading this blog! You should be watching Bob Costas who seems to compare all sports to the “size of a football field.”

Anyway, I am pretty excited about World Cup Football. While it would be cool to see one of the underdog teams win, I think one of the powerhouses from Europe or South America will take the cup. Here are the top 8 teams I am rooting for:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Argentina
  3. England
  4. Spain
  5. Brasil
  6. Portugal
  7. Colombia
  8. Mexico
Today, I downloaded the Pitbull and Shakira World Cup 2014 songs from Amazon. Then I got on my home trainer and rode my bike for an hour. It was an easier ride than the spin class a couple of days ago. I maintained my heart rate mostly in the upper 130s and the lower 140s.

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