I don’t consider myself technical, nor do I consider myself creative. I am not exactly sure where I fall on the technical versus creative spectrum. I am interested in both aspects but have not explored my creative side much (other than a black&white photography class I took back when I live in Columbus, Ohio). I am very interested in both but lately lean towards the non-technical side. In my pursuit, I recently bought this  book called Lovemarks and am absolutely loving reading it. It is almost a coffee-table book with facts, figures and examples of some world-renowned brands like Coke, Starbucks and Nike. If you are into branding (or are starting a new business), it is a must read.

As for my workout today, I swam for about a mile and it felt pretty good. My breathing is almost back to normal, my speed is better and I could concentrate on my stroke!

I also went to see my Hematologist this morning. He was quite happy with all my test results and my progress. He ordered another ultrasound on my legs to make sure that the blood clots are near gone, and removal of the IVC filter. Excellent! Oh, and my BP was totally normal and my heart-rate was 46 (no, that is not a typo). More excellent!!

I still don’t have permission to do races or to push the envelope, but I can fly now (not that I have any trips planned yet).

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