Spain and England eliminated

Of the 8 teams that I thought had a change of winning the World Cup, 2 are out (including the World Cup champs from 4 years ago), and 1 is on the cusp.

  1. Netherlands
  2. Argentina
  3. England (ELIMINATED)
  4. Spain (ELIMINATED)
  5. Brasil
  6. Portugal (Needs to win)
  7. Colombia
  8. Mexico
I can’t believe I didn’t have Germany on the list because they look like a powerhouse after beating Portugal handily. My favorites are still Netherlands and Argentina!
I got on my trainer at home for 40 minutes today. I biked at a steady cadence for the entire ride as I watched the Honduras-Ecuador match. Ecuador won 2-1 in a pretty thrilling encounter. It is refreshing to watch international teams go at it instead of watching the same old American sports!

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