IVC filter removal

I spent most of the day at the hospital today. All’s well though as it was a planned visit.

  • First they did an ultrasound of both my legs to see if any clotting remains. Almost all clotting has dissolved from my left leg except a small one on my upper left calf. I was told that it is nothing to worry about and the IVC filter can be reomved.
  • Second they drew some blood (god knows why). I don’t think the tests ever came back because I was never informed about any results. I think they just enjoy sucking my blood!
  • Third I went up to Interventional Radiology to have the IVC filter removed. The process was pretty smooth and quick. I was lightly sedated before the procedure started and it took all of 20 minutes! The filter is now out of my body. Excellent!!
In the evening we went out to Hero Sushi with Don and Debbie.
I have been advised to take it easy for about 5 days. I plan to go for yoga and maybe do some easy spinning over the next few days. You will probably hear more about food than training over the next few days!

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