Ironman Cabo official snap

There is a company called FinisherPix that sells Ironman snaps. At each race, they hire a few photographers to take pictures. They sell these pictures to participants at hefty prices. The prices start at around $25 per picture. There are hundreds of blogs complaining about the price of these pictures. I finally got around to paying around $30 to download this picture. Eventually, I will get around to framing it!

If you want to know why it took me 15+ hours to finish the race, read my race report.

I have blogged about Snapathon in the past weeks. If/when Snapathon takes off, it will be a game change in race photography. It will enable anyone with a camera-enabled phone to take pics and tag pics. It will allow participants to search pics and purchase pics for less than five  bucks. Currently, it is only available for the iPhone.

I went for hour-long Vinyasa II yoga today. It was a pretty empty class on a Thursday afternoon. It still hurts me a bit to stretch my neck because of my jugular vein wound. It is healing though.

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