L’Auberge de Sedona gave my puppies a goodie bag

Late this morning we packed up the dogs and left for Sedona for a quick mini-vacation at L’Augerge de Sedona. It is a lovely resort right on Oak Creek. With the prices we are paying, I am expecting a perfect experience. The resort already falls a bit short in its service and grounds. While the staff and the grounds are very nice, they are not quite perfect. Also not perfect is the speed of the Internet. The location of the resort though is quite perfect!! The welcome gift they gave to the puppies was also quite perfect.

It is hot and humid here. This evening I went for a hot, humid and hilly run. I only ran for 40 minutes but it felt like I ran for double that. On the steep uphill right outside Tlaquepaque, my heart rate was flirting with 170. Thankfully that was towards the end of my run.

In the late evening, it started to pour heavily. It is my first downpour of the season and it felt pretty good. I wish I had timed the run a bit later than I did so as to run in the rain. I love running in the rain (as long as it is not cold rain).

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