Baby Long-nosed Snake in Sedona

Early this morning, I saw this beautiful baby long-nosed snake right outside my room at L’Auberge de Sedona when I was returning from taking my pups for a walk. It as just a bit chilly out and the baby snake was obviously cold and lethargic. See the video, he looks disoriented!

Today was a completely relaxed day. We sat by Oak Creek with the dogs in the morning, we had lunch at a lovely little place called Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market. Behind it is a lovely little garden with a few tables where we lingered after lunch as the dogs explored all the sounds and smells.

I ran the hills of Sedona again today. It was about the same temperature as yesterday. Sedona sits at an elevation of about 4,200 feet which makes its air just a bit thinner than the air at sea-level. Once you add heat, humidity and hills, running is pretty tough compared to the controlled environment of a treadmill!

In the evening we went to Heartline Cafe. The food was not quite as good as usual!

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