Food poisoning in Sedona

It has been a rough day. I woke up suddenly at around 2:45AM with stomach cramps and had to throw up. This may be a bit graphic, but I heaved up some projectile vomit directly in the toilet in our room at L’Auberge. Last night at The Heartline Cafe, I had a  beet salad and pasta with shrimp for dinner. I am not sure if it was the beets or the shrimp that was contaminated. Needless to say, it took me hours to fall  back asleep and I didn’t wake up until after 9AM (which is REALLY late for me). You can see that Missy is enjoying my beauty sleep too!

We spent the morning in Sedona before heading back to town. It was a hot and muggy afternoon here in Scottsdale and I mostly slept it away. Thankfully, the sleep did me some good and I feel fine now. I skipped the Sunday afternoon yoga class and decided to eat lightly all day. I should be totally fine by tomorrow.

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