Ouch! That’s gotta hurt Brasil

Tears for Brasil fans

As a fan of football (aka soccer in the USA), even when I expected Germany to win against Brasil, I didn’t expect the embarrassingly one-sided game that we saw. Germany 7, Brasil 1 was sad to see. Brasil has been a perennial football powerhouse for as long as I can remember. They were one of the teams favored to win the World Cup, but after the sad injury to Neymar in the quarter-finals, Germany was decidedly the favorite to win the game.

For a nation where football is life, it was sad to see unlimited tears and sorrow. My heart went out to all Brasilians as they cheered for Germany and appreciated the incredible German performance. Four years from now, Brasil will have her revenge!

I went for yoga this afternoon at Lifetime Fitness. It was the first time I had Michael as my instructor. He was pretty good and corrected my poses a couple of times. His class was not quite as intense as Gwen’s classes and the yoga studio was only half full.

In the evening, we saw a bobcat in our front yard walking slowly and deliberately on the outside wall. Unfortunately, as I was hastily getting my camera phone to snap a picture, I tripped and fell with a thud (no injuries) which made Simi bark. The startled bobcat ambled away quickly. We think he has taken up residence in the house across the street that is still under construction.

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