Arizona is full of critters

Yes we live in a desert. Yes it is hot as hell in the summer. Yes life is a bit slow in Arizona. But there is no shortage of critters. Yesterday we saw a bobcat walking in our front yard. Today this scorpion was in our living room.

Missy is a champion scorpion finder. She stands and emits a guttural growl when she sees one. It is unmistakable when she growls. It is a sound of sheer disgust. Of course, I immediately spring to my feet and smash it. This time, I had the patience to actually snap this picture before…smashing it with my sandal!!

After a span of almost 3 weeks, I swam today at Lifetime Fitness. All I did was a mile and my stroke felt off, but it actually felt good to be in the lukewarm water under hot and humid conditions.

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