Smooth running

It is not often that a 10-mile treadmill-run is joyful. Today it was. Not only was my average pace a breezy 8:06 (by my standards), but my perceived effort was controlled. Unfortunately, my heart-rate monitor battery went kaput about an hour into the run making it difficult to gauge my real effort.

Without the right phillips-head screwdriver, it is impossible to open the tiny little screws on the Garmin heart monitor belt to change the battery. I had to go to a hardware store, and even there it took them about 20 minutes to find the right screwdriver!! Anyway, I have a brand new battery in it now.

Tomorrow, Binita leaves for Michigan for a few days. I will hang with the pups and may make good use of the pool. It is expected to be HOT in AZ. I hope it rains.

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