The amazing Tour de France athletes

Alberto Contador

Le Tour de France is in full swing. Every morning, I watch amazing bicyclists ride at ungodly speeds and climb up mountains with more than 15% grades with amazing ease through the French countryside. I am usually up around 5:30AM admiring Nibali and Contador (who I am rooting for) and Froome (who crashed and dropped out) and Cavendish (who also crashed and dropped out). It’s quite a perfect way to start the day.

I also saw Netherlands beat Brasil 3-0 today to secure 3rd place in the World Cup. One cannot help but be sad for Brasil. I hope they return with mucho-gusto in 4 years!

In the afternoon today, I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles and then ran on the treadmill for another 4 miles. My heart rate belt is at it again. After about 20 minutes it just stop showing my heart rate. Another call to Garmin is in order.

Almost at the end of my run (at mile 3.9), I tweaked something in my left calf. I finished the run but knew that something wasn’t quite right. I can’t say that it hurts, but there is a slight discomfort when I take a forward step with my right leg (which flexes my left calf). I think it will be fine by Monday or Tuesday.

Since Will is in town for the weekend, we went out to dinner with Sylvana and Kristi to Cowboy Ciao in old-town Scottsdale. The food was quite good and the company was perfect!

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