August and September are travel months

LifePower Yoga is affiliated with Lifetime Fitness. If you are a Lifetime member, you can use LifePower Yoga facilities for free. LifePower is pretty close to my office and today I decided to go there instead of Lifetime. I had Sally as my instructor with some high-powered yoga practitioners in class. This woman next to me could contort her body like I have never seen before. She was also strong and could stand on one leg with her other leg above her head for minutes. I was admittedly distracted by her for the first few minutes of class before settling into my own breath.

It looks like August and September are going to be travel months. I have go to NYC for work in early August. Naman and Amiben come to town in late August and the 4 of us (including B) are flying to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In September, we plan to go to Spain!

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