Heart rate belt that actually works

I have documented my heart belt woes over the past week or so. I have sent an inquiry into Garmin to see how they can help. They are to get back to me in 72 hours.

Fortunately for me, Katie had an extra heart rate belt that I started using today. It worked quite perfectly during my 10-mile run at Lifetime Fitness. My heart rate was controlled for most of the run. The heart belt itself is a bit thicker than the one I use but so far it is equally comfortable (or uncomfortable). I hope it doesn’t start misbehaving!! In the picture, you can see my malfunctioning belt on the left (notice that it is softer), and the one that Katie gave me on the right (notice that it is more rubberized). Thanks Katie!

I saw Kristi, Kristen and Mike’s progress at Challenge Roth online. It looks like they got through the swim nicely. I will check again tomorrow morning!

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