Missy loves ice

After the lousy run yesterday, I decided to take it a bit easy today. I went for Yoga at LifePower Yoga for a Hot Vinyasa Flow class that was far from easy. At every Yoga class, I become keenly aware that my core is weak, my flexibility is sub-optimal, and my mind has a tendency to wander. It jumps from one thought to another instead of focusing inward. Ah, Yoga is good for me!! If only I could touch my toes, I would have some satisfaction. I’ll keep at it twice a week…

Lately, I wake up early and have breakfast with the pups as I watch the Tour de France. I eat yogurt and watch Vincenzo Nibali leave almost everyone in the dust as Missy and Simi patiently wait for me to give them a treat. Missy loves ice. She sits by me and stares at my glass full of iced coffee. Maybe she has crazy energy because of all the caffeine she gets from the coffee-laden ice she gets to eat!!

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