Zen run through Central Park

10:50AM: I am sitting on a plane writing this. We are less than half-way to JFK. Cattle-call is no fun, but Rahul and I have an empty seat between us (definitely bonus)! I have been instructed to drink a ton of water and keep moving my legs. Apparently, flying is not too friendly for folks who have had DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Of course, the down side to drinking too much water is that I have to use the lavatory on the flight. No fun!!
11:35PM: The run through Central Park was quite perfect. It was a gorgeous warm evening with a tinge of humidity making running just a bit tough. There were hundreds of runners and bicyclists on the roads in all shapes and sizes and speeds. I stopped at about the half-way point and took this picture. Gorgeous, isn’t it? I ran for about an hour for a bit longer than 7 miles averaging about 8:30 per mile. I was smiling for most of the run. Zen it was!

After the run, we (Tushar, Ponni, Rahul, Jeff, me) went out for to a lovely little Mediterranean dinner place called Peri Ela.

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