Elephant uses car for a belly-scratch

Our trip to South Africa is still almost two months out, but I am excited about spending 6 days and nights in Kruger National Park. This amazing picture was taken at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa earlier this week (I’m not who the photographer is). Apparently, the couple in the car was shaken up but is doing fine. I hope something similar happens to us (although if we were in this car, we’d be scared $hitless).

Swim breathing is not quite as smooth as it was before my medical issues. Either my lung capacity is not the same, or my fitness is not quite there, or it’s all in my head. My swims are definitely slower. I swam today for just over 2,000 meters at Lifetime Fitness (ladders and sprints). The pool was almost empty on this Friday afternoon making the swim especially enjoyable.

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