Zoot customer service test

I have worn Zoot tri shoes for a little more than a year now. They are very comfortable and fit just right on my narrow feet. Unfortunately, the new Zoot shoes I bought a few months ago are already starting to fall apart. They have less than 150 mostly treadmill miles on them. You can see that the lace binders are coming apart at the seams. Today I wrote to Zoot to complain. We’ll see if their customer service is any good!

Today’s run on the treadmill was supposed to be on the longer side, but easy. I had planned to run 10 miles at a smooth pace of around 8:20 per mile. Somehow, it felt a lot harder than that. The lower outside part of my left calf was feeling a bit of strain during the latter part of the run. I was tempted to stop but it loosened up towards the end of the run. I ended up running the 10 miles in about 84 minutes.

In the evening, we went out to dinner with Kristi who has just returned from the Roth iron-distance race in Germany. She told us about how tough the race was (because of the heat). She did well though, and so did Kristen.

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