Running intervals on a treadmill

After bike intervals yesterday, it was time for run intervals today. In about 48 minutes, I ran 6 miles. As you can see from the chart, I did 6 repeat intervals fluctuating my heartrate down to below 140 and up to just under 160. This translated into speeds of under 7-minute-miles to just under 9-minute-miles.

Intervals are hard but essential to build speed especially for shorter distance races. For me, they are the best use of time when you don’t have time to do a longer workout.

Oh, by-the-way, I have not heard back from Zoot customer support yet. Hence, I will not be buying any more Zoot products and will be (passively) propagating against them (unless of course they respond positively very soon). Hey Zoot customer support folks, I hope you come across this blog at some point!

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