To ZOOT or not to ZOOT

I exchanged emails and spoke to the Zoot representative yesterday. I was getting the runaround and am not happy with Zoot. I blogged last week that my Zoot tri shoes are coming apart at its seams (literally). I’ve had issues with Saucony shoes in the past and their customer service has been exemplary. I have also blogged about Nikon’s and Garmin’s superb customer service. So far, Zoot hasn’t come through. My case is “pending” and I have already spent more than 45 minutes on it.

Saturday is run day. I like to go to the gym on Saturdays with Binita but she was working today. I went there around 11AM and ran for 90 minutes for just short of 11 miles. The run felt harder than it should have probably because I biked a bit late yesterday and was still not recovered. In the evening we saw a super-slow Amol Palekar movie called Samaantar with Sharmila Tagore (Marathi) with English sub-titles. It was a bit too artsy and way too slow for my liking!

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