Charged by an elephant

Colleen returned from Zimbabwe a couple of weeks back. She showed me some AMAZING pictures of wildlife and waterfalls. On a walking safari, her group was charged (twice) but a huge elephant. She has incredible video of it. You can see in this picture how close the elephant was to her (yes that is a real picture, and yes that is her). His tusks alone are 7 feet long!! Looking at all her pictures and videos, I am more excited than ever about visiting South Africa in just over a month.

As for my workout today, I swam for just over a mile at Lifetime Fitness today. The swim felt pretty good in the outdoor pool. I was doing sets of 200×3 at level 2 followed by 150×3 at level 3 followed by 100×3 at level 4 after an easy 400 warm-up.

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