Does anyone buy camcorders any more?

With the advent of cameras and video devices on every smartphone, SLR cameras and camcorders are fast becoming passe. You still see a few SLR cameras for hi-resolution enthusiasts, but camcorders are hardly to be seen. I remember paying almost a thousand dollars for a tape-based camcorders only a few years ago. Times have changed. I bought a refurbished Canon camcorder with 32X optical zoom, WiFi and digital storage plus other cool specs and a small footprint for less than $200. It arrived yesterday! Watch out for new videos soon.

In the afternoon today, I went for yoga with Anton for an hour. I thought about spinning afterwards but went home instead and hung out with Binita and the pups.

This weekend Amiben and Naman arrive. Fun, food and frolic will happen! We are all going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico next weekend.

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