An uptick in the US economy

My lower back still hurts a bit. It is nothing significant but it is enough to rest today. The only thing I did is a new core workout that Rahul told me about.

Plank (1:30) – Rest (0:30) – Plank (1:15) – Rest (0:30) – Plank (1:00) – Rest (0:30) – Plank (0:45) – Rest (0:30) – Plank (0:30) – Rest (0:30) Plank (0:15) – Stretch.

It may not sound it but it is not easy and apparently builds good core strength.

Amiben (from India) is here and there has been an uptick in the US economy. This is a standard joke in my family because she shops like there is no tomorrow. Ralph Lauren Polo is quite happy when she is here. So is Kate Spade! She went shopping with Naman and Binita today for what seemed an eternity! I had to work all day today but will hopefully take some time off tomorrow and Thursday to spend with her and Naman!

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