An uncomfortably nostalgic swim and a grasshopper visit

Rahul and Janki swung by this evening with Kai and Anika. Kai is growing up to be a cute and curious kid. Anika has crazy wild hair and we love her for it. It was good times with Amiben and Naman still here. As Rahul-Janki and kids were leaving out the front door, this impressive grasshopper flew in and clung to the wall for a few minutes before I snapped this picture and opened the door to let him fly away. He’s quite an impressive little green monster! Believe it or not, Simi likes to eat these bugs.

My back is better but not quite back to normal yet. I went to the gym with Naman late this afternoon. He ran for an hour while I got on the bike for 45 minutes and then swam for a slow 500 meters. I swam like we used to in India; I had forgotten my goggles at home. It was uncomfortably nostalgic!

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