Off to Puerto Vallarta – long and eventful day

Our flight to Puerto Vallarta departed promptly at 9AM. We were all up early doing last-minute packing, feeding the pups and doing this-and-that before driving to the airport. Upon arrival at the PVR airport, we found out that some random a$$hole (Binita’s words) had picked up her bag and left behind a similar looking bag on the carousel. This threw a big monkeywrench in logistics. We lodged a report and were promised that we would be taken care of by US Airways by them delivering the bag to Garza Blanca.

Upon arrival at Garza Blanca, there were more irritations. After paying thousands of dollars, we were told that WiFi is not included and they charge $10 per device per day. The resort property at Garza Blanca is quite gorgeous. Our 3BR condo has a huge wraparound balcony that overlooks the ocean and the mountains. The balcony has two hammocks and a hottub. The condo itself has top-notch appliances, very modern furnishings and is quite large. It also has two master suites and a bedroom with two queen beds. So far, the food has been quite good but the service is not quite at par with a resort of this quality. We’ll see if it gets better as days go on.

By the end of the day, we did not get a call from US Airways about Binita’s bags. Upon calling the number provided repeatedly, all we got was a constantly ringing phone with nobody to answer.

I went out for a very hilly 2.5-mile run in hot and humid conditions. There are no good roads near the resort where I can run. The resort is about 10km south of Puerto Vallarta with a single road and no shoulder. I ran on it for about a mile and back. Compound the heat, humidity and hills with traffic and no shoulder and you have the recipe for an uncomfortable run. I did have the sounds of the ocean right next to me though! Uncomfortable and beautiful. Isn’t that perfect?

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