Garza Blanca, Puerto Vallarta – a busy but relaxing day (day 3)

Here at the Garza Blanca resort, the definition of “early in the morning” is 9AM. We started a guided hike to the waterfalls at 9:30AM today in the heat and humidity. There were about a dozen of us including the guide (Tito). We walked up behind the resort on a barely-maintained trail through thick canopy on to a viewing platform. On our way, we saw a few squirrels and birds (notably the Chachalaca). After a few minutes on the deck, we descended on a slippery trail using ropes and both hands to a waterfall and a small lagoon. We all jumped in for a cool refreshing dip before crisscrossing the river a few times to come back to the resort.

After relaxing for a hours, I went out on a 4-mile run from Garza Blanca to Los Arcos. Running here is not comfortable. On top of the heat, humidity and undulating hills, you have to run on the road with no shoulder against oncoming traffic. After starting slowly, I found a groove and thoroughly enjoyed the run for an 8:20 per mile average!

We sat by the pool and gazed at the sunset before retiring back into our room at around 10PM.

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