Simi is hobbling around

Lifetime Fitness was packed this evening. Almost all of the treadmills were occupied. I like to run on the first or third treadmill in one of the front bank of treadmills. Both were occupied. I noticed that the girl running on the first treadmill was running at 7.8MPH and the guy running on the third treadmill was running at 8.0MPH. Perfect! I felt the adrenaline rush to push it for an hour.

I started at a smooth pace of 7MPH but gradually increased it. In about 20 minutes the girl got off and soon after the guy got off too. I was running at almost 8MPH as they both left. My heart-rate was hovering in the 140s giving me a queue to increase my pace to level 3. In the end, I ran for 7.7 miles in an hour for an average pace of 7:48 per mile; my fastest and most comfortable run since my marathon in March!

On a sad note, Simi started limping on her left hind leg yesterday. At first we thought she may have pulled a muscle, but now we think it is something more significant that requires surgery. We will wait another day before taking her to the vet. She doesn’t look uncomfortable or in pain, but she hobbles around here and there.

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