Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I had dozens of people wishing me from all over the world. It was good to receive wishes from long-lost friends (especially high school friends from my teen days), and of course family and close friends. Thanks all!

I was born in 1963. You do the math, but I turned 49 today! I keep telling my friends that I am the real life Benjamin Button. Last year, I turned 50. This year, I turned 49. Life is good!

I rested today to celebrate my birthday. Simi is still hobbling around and I wanted to spend the evening at home with her and the family. We picked up Thai food. Rahul came over this evening because his kids wanted to surprise me with cupcakes for my birthday. We watched “cloudy with a chance of meatballs part 2” – strange movie with a few funny lines like “cut the cheese” and there’s a “leak in the boat” (you have to be familiar with American slang and see the movie to get these silly jokes).

Boston Marathon registration has started. I have to wait until Monday (15th) to register and then wait to see if I will get in. I’m optimistic. It’s in my nature to be optimistic! The coming year will be great. I can feel it.

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