Lazy 11-mile run

I don’t mean to be cocky and it may sound like an oxymoron to say that I ran lazily for 11 miles in less than 90 minutes, but that I exactly the case. My heart-rate was mostly in the 130s (level 2) and my perceived exertion level too was super-easy. I am more confident than ever that Xarelto is helping me with performance. Binita thinks that over the past few months, my conditioning has been exceptional which is boosting my speed. Whatever the case may be, I am quite happy!

This evening, we went to a “cooks for chords” event (fundraiser for MS Society) with Mitch and Nancy. I ran into Kristen and also an old friend from Microsoft. It was a festive affair with pretty good food from local restaurants and raffle prizes.

Simi continues to hobble around. She is conent but quite immobile. Her surgery is scheduled on Wednesday.

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