Real or fake lizard?

Kristi joined me for yoga today at Lifetime Fitness. I spent the day with the dogs before going to yoga as Binita was out to some wineries up near Sedona and Cottonwood with friends. I lazed around for most of the day and caught up with a bit of work. Overall, it was a relaxed, uneventful day, but something quite funny transpired today!

As I was driving back form the gym, I saw this lizard about to cross the road. I stopped to marvel at its beauty as I racked my brain to figure out what kind of lizard this was. Surely he was not native to Arizona and was probably an escaped pet.

I took a picture with my iPhone before I got suspicious that the lizard was actually fake. He looked VERY real. I threw a few pebbles on it and realized that he was indeed fake. Someone had played a prank and I totally fell for it. I sheepishly looked here and there to see if anyone was watching. I saw nobody. I quietly got in my car and drove off. The joke was on me :)!

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