Lilac-breasted Roller playing holi in Rajasthan

Lilac-breasted Roller

Simi had surgery today. It went well. This evening when I spoke to the orthopedic vet, she was sleeping. She will hurt for the next few weeks, but with painkillers and a bit of TLC, she’ll be fine. She spent the night at the doggie condo in the clinic, but will be home tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure we will give her plenty of treats when she gets home. Missy will benefit from all the treats too!

Yoga was hot and intense this afternoon. It was a packed class for a Wednesday afternoon and I sweated like a pig. Just before class, I ran an easy 10 minutes.

I constantly think of South Africa these days. I am especially enchanted by the Lilac-breasted Roller, one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen (I have not seen one in real life yet). I am so fascinated by him that he adorns my computer desktop these days. Apparently, they are relatively common in Kruger National Park. Look at this picture; you’d think he played holi in Rajasthan!

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