Leopard, Caracal, Baboon, Mongoose, Porcupine, Otter, Snakes

Steenberg Hotel Wildlife (Cape Town)

In a couple of days, we depart for South Africa. While I dread the flight, the journey should be loads of fun. I’m sure Kruger will be the highlight. I was browsing the Steenberg Hotel website (Cape Town) and found that it too has a plethora of animals right on the property (see picture above). I am so freaking excited; I can barely sleep!

The heat has returned to Phoenix. Temperatures are hovering near 100 again and running outside is not easy. It was back to the treadmill for me today; and a good run it was. With perfectly controlled temperature and a motivated runner on the neighboring treadmill, I ran for just north of an hour for 8 miles. I picked it the pace to sub-7-minute-mile for about a mile-and-a-half at around mile 6. My heartrate was up but so was my speed.

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