Boston Marathon update – I’m in!

It’s official. Today I received confirmation email from the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) that my qualification time has been confirmed and my entry to the Boston Marathon 2015 has been accepted. The cutoff time was 1:02 and I beat it by 30 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much over 26.2 miles, but cutting down 30 seconds from your best effort for a Marathon is not trivial. I’m ecstatic about being accepted and will start making plans as soon as I return back from South Africa.
Speaking of South Africa, I am actually writing this from the plane en-route from Phoenix to London. It is a long and uneventful and boring flight, but soon we will be in Johannesburg and then on the Cape Town. I am giddy with excitement.
I’m also sad that Will missed the Boston Marathon cut by 10 seconds. I was hoping we would travel together and run the first 50 yards together before he would take off and leave me in the dust. I hope that he signs up through a charity; I certainly will be a significant contributor if he does!

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