Bonteboks, Ostriches, Rock Hyraxes, Chacma Baboons – Cape Peninsula

The day started with rain and more rain. We braved the weather and went for a walk to tour the golf course and saw a few hardy souls with umbrellas cheered on by honking Egyptian Geese and Glossy Ibis’. It was windy too.

I ran the undulating grounds surrounding Steenberg for about 30 minutes at a relatively easy pace. It was much needed after a long hiatus.
The afternoon is when all the highlights came. We drove to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope as the weather opened up to a perfectly gorgeous sunny day. It was a plethora of animals and birds I have never seen in the wild starting with 3 different species of cormorants, numerous seagulls and terns (I am useless at identifying shore and sea birds), various birds of prey and a few starlings and flycatchers. 
After the gentle uphill walk to the lighthouse, we drove to the Cape of Good Hope only to see a single solitary Ostrich and were soon surrounded by Chacma Baboons. Most looked large and menacing but there were also a few juveniles and babies mixed in. They were minding their own business digging in the foliage probably eating grubs, insects and other edibles.
At the Cape of Good Hope parking lot, we saw a single solitary seal basking on a large dark boulder as the waves lapped up the to his feet. On our way out of the park was our best surprise. We knew that Bonteboks roam the park, but were also told that our chances of seeing them were are zero. Well, the Bontegods were smiling at us as we saw a small heard of about half-a-dozen animals grazing in all their handsomeness. They have gorgeous white socks and have a striking rufous and black coats. Bonteboks are easily the most beautiful antelope I have seen. There was also a solitary Ostrich!
The evening was spent at Bistro 1642 right within the grounds of Steenberg. Once again, the food and hospitality at this place are exceptional!

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