Coming back home to Arizona

Binita took this brilliant picture of a male Kudu on our last safari drive. Look at his gorgeous horns and beard. He is a perfect specimen!

The safari guides in South Africa communicate with each other over radio using a combination of English Afrikaans and Shangaan. We picked up on a few Shangaan words and asked the guides to explain others. If you go to any of the animal reserves in South Africa, here are a few useful Shangaan words:

  • Lion | Engala
  • Leopard | Yingwe
  • Rhino | Mkhombe
  • Black Rhino | Benjane
  • Buffalo | Nyarhi
  • Elephant | Ndlophu
  • Cheetah | Xikankanka
  • Giraffe | Ndlulaninthi
  • Impala | Mhala
  • Kill | Bamba

This was the best ever vacation. We absolutely loved South Africa and cannot praise all our experiences enough. We will go back for sure. Soon we hope! In the next few days, I will create a few videos and put them up on this blog. I have some excellent footage of lions, leopards, rhinos (black and white), elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs and some gorgeous colorful birds.

We spoke to Binita’s mom while at the Heathrow airport (transit) to ask about Simi’s health and she told us that Simi should be home by today. She is not completely normal, and is weak, but at least she will be home. I cannot wait to be back with her.

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