A third blood transfusion

I can’t get enough of Simi’s smiles. Look at her a few years ago by the lake near our house.

It was a tough day for Simi. She was lethargic this morning, barely able to stand up and walk. I took her in at around 9AM to the ER and her blood count was down to 15%. She needed a third blood transfusion. She’s been with the vet all day. I spoke to Dr. Hoffman at around 5PM and Simi was doing as well as can be expected. She had eaten and was sleeping contently, both good signs for now. They are changing up the medicine regimen a bit to see if she responds positively. I hope she does.

The euphoria from South Africa has subsided. The routine of life and Simi’s medical issues have taken center-stage.

I am still jetlagged. I haven’t gone out on a run yet. It rained today and was a perfect day to run, but running is not on my mind. I have to start training for the Boston Marathon (April 20) soon. Unfortunately, I feel unsettled with all that is going on. I also feel like I am ignoring Missy, although I did take her for a walk around the lake this evening.

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