Smile to warm my heart

Summer 2014 – Simi is happy

Time seems to go slowly. Thoughts of Simi flood my brain. I try to stay busy with doing mindless chores but every few minutes, my mind wanders back to Simi. I try to think of all the good times we had, but my heart still aches. I don’t want the hurt to go away because in it I feel kinship towards my Simi. Sadness is a normal emotion that we feel and dogs feel too. I don’t want to avoid it. I have good friends and Binita of course with whom I can talk about sorrow. She may have passed on, but I know that my love for her will never die.

This morning, after a long hiatus, I went for a run around DC Ranch. My heart-rate was off the charts. I have lost shape, I am probably still jet-lagged and I have not slept well in the past few nights. It was a tough, laborious and slow run with my heart-rate in the 150s, 160s and even the 170s. All I thought of during the run was Simi. They were happy thoughts. They were thoughts of how Simi too loved the outdoors. She was not an active dog, but she loved to roll in the grass. It always brought a smile to her face. I am sad but thinking of her smile warms my heart.

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