OHSO with Missy

Simi out hiking, badly in need of a haircut

Today is Binita’s birthday. With Simi’s absence, it was a sad birthday. We took Missy for a walk, went to the gym, celebrated her birthday at the lake with a few good friends and a few glasses of wine and then went to dinner at OHSO. We missed Simi.

OHSO is dog-friendly. We took Missy with us. Since Simi’s passing, Missy has been moping around. She is extra-clingy. She follows me everywhere. I wish she could talk and tell me what she is thinking and feeling. She expresses her sadness with her eyes. I take comfort in being with her, but I miss Simi terribly.

I went to Lifetime Fitness today and ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then spun for 45. My mind is not into working out but I have to start training for the Boston Marathon soon. The race is on April 20 next year. I will give it another week or so before I start a full-scale regimen. I have already emailed my coach (Camelback Coaching) to let him know that I need training plans.

And life goes on…

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