Eyes show emotions

The lions we saw in South Africa put on a show for us. They were a loving family with two adult females with two grown cubs each. One of the adult male cubs was getting a bit too frisky with one of the adult lionesses and will probably be kicked off the family in the near future. Such is the way of wild lions! This video was almost entirely shot in the Balule Nature Reserve in Kruger National Park while we stayed at Toro Yaka Bush Lodge.

I thought about going for a run but rested today. We went out to a heavy dinner with Rahul-Janki at what used to be a wine-bar called Armitage, now called The Living Room. I ate entirely too much!

Missy has become a quiet puppy since Simi passed away. She is also more clingy and doesn’t want to play with toys as much. She used to bully Simi by mock-growling at her. Simi was too patient and calm to care. For the most part, she simply ignored Missy. And so it was…

As long as Simi could sleep and eat and go out for an occasional walk, she was happy. Simi was full of expressions. I could tell when she was happy, sad, annoyed, submissive, aggressive, jealous, hungry (all the time), scared, sheepish or even proud. She wore her emotions in her eyes and her smile.

On October 20, it will be 6 months to the Boston Marathon. That week is when I expect to start my training. I will probably do a couple of 5k races, maybe a 10k, and a couple of half-marathons to prep for Boston. Today though, I was lazy.

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