You make me smile…and cry

I was a quiet yet busy Friday at work. Most of my morning was spent outside the office with clients and the rest of the day was in the office doing busy work.

On Monday, I will start training for the Boston Marathon. The first week will be self-prescribed, but the second week will be through Bill (my coach). It has become apparent that my running speed has slowed and my heartrate has revved up. This all seems to have happened after the Africa trip; I am not sure why. If it continues, I have to lower my expectations for Boston. We’ll see…

Even on a busy day at work, my thoughts return to Simi every few minutes. It was a week ago at 9AM that she passed away but it seems forever and a day since I was with her. I keep asking myself, “What the heck happened to her? She was perfectly healthy just a couple of months ago.” It is all a mystery. Life is all a mystery.

She had the most gorgeous eyes with natural eye-liner. An enlarged version of this picture with her gorgeous smiley face adorns my desktop now. Thoughts of Simi make me smile…and cry.

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