Trying out The Village

Every winter, Lifetime Fitness makes some excuse to close down the pool for a couple of months. All of us who swim there think that they don’t want to pay the heating bill and hence schedule maintenance during the winter months. Every winter, I quit the club in protest only to join back when the pool opens up.

This year, we are trying out a different club called The Village. The Village already has the advantage of proximity to my house. It is a smaller, more exclusive club with tennis facilities (not that I play tennis). We have a 7-day pass that I plan to use extensively over the next week.

I went to The Village today and ran on the treadmill for an hour. Compared to the Lifetime treadmill, it seemed much harder. I really think that the treadmill was at an incline (of course, I blame the equipment when I find it hard to run). So far though, The Village is good. Tomorrow I will try out a Yoga or spin class.

We took Missy for a walk this morning and it felt lonely without Simi. We are getting used to life without Simi but her presence will remain everywhere around us. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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