Bateleur in Kruger National Park

Bateleur, Kruger National Park

The yoga studio at The Village is a bit nicer than the one at Lifetime Fitness. I did a basic Vinyasa Yoga class to experience it at The Village. The class was not too crowded and the instructor (Steven) was good. I still prefer Gwen at Lifetime but she is a more advanced teacher.

After yoga, I got on the spin bike. The equipment at Lifetime is quite a bit better than The Village. So far, The Village is winning out just because of proximity to my home. It is also far less crowded than it is at Lifetime. The verdict is still out though.

Today was the Soma half-iron-distance race in Tempe. Last year, I did the relay with Colleen and Steven; I biked in preparation for Ironman Arizona, but of course I had to drop out of IMAZ (read my blog from last November).

Thoughts of Simi still overpower most of my day. They say that it gets easier with time; but the heaviness in my heart remains.

I have started working on the South Africa videos. I have some pretty good footage of birds and animals. I plan to segment these two apart, but we’ll see if I change my mind. Another week to ten days and I should have one of the segments complete. Birds first! Here is a picture of a juvenile Bateleur (taken by Binita).

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